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I. History of foundation with forword of former assitent chairman

Dear visitors,

on July, 10th 1998 the Transrapid-Freundeskreis (Transrapid Circle of Friends) was founded in Stadland-Rodenkirchen. To make as many people as possible come alive for this transportation system, is the circle of friendship's goal. This is the way, to take down prejudgements and fears (German Angst). Unfortunately, TRANSRAPID is deuced by some citizen initiatives and political formations in the same matter like at that time the automobile and the railway. This happens in Germany despite the fact that the TRANSRAPID is the safest and the most environment-friendly transportation system of all time. Short-haul flights can be eliminated between two areas connected by the TRANSRAPID. This can lead to a considerable reduction of air pollution.
Whereas other contries (like China, the Netherlands and the USA) are high-spirited interested in the TRANSRAPID technology, some fanatics pressurize our politicians, to prevent new stretch of tracks for the TRANSRAPID. This means techical standstill as well as loss of international reputation and of jobs, which could be created for the construction of the guideways and for the operation of the TRANSRAPID . We cannot approve of the actions of the "Transrapid Preventers" and please all responsible and open-minded people, to support our goals actively.

On June, 9th 2000 the circle of friendship converted into a registered association for the advancement of maglev technologies (Transrapid), named

"Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Magnetschwebetechnologie (Transrapid) e. V."  (GFM)

. This also took place in Stadland-Rodenkirchen with the presence of 13 foundation members.
Everybody, who wants to do something more for the realization of TRANSRAPID-Projects in Europe than only express some sympathy, is welcome as member.


Günter Schäfer (translated by: Michael Dittmer)

The association was registered with the organization register Hamburg about the notary's office at the Alstertor (Dr. Henning Voscherau) for the district court Hamburg among 69 VR 16646 when charitable. First long term chair man was Friedich Wilhelm Merck. The recognition of the benefit to the public by the tax office has been carried out.

The GFM has cooperated with citizens' action group "Pro Transrapid" at Perleberg (state of Brandenburg) which gave one name of our internet presence. Thanks to the educational work of this citizens' action group, the planned Transrapid route Hamburg-Berlin found a high acceptance and a petition for a referendum against the maglev initiated of greenery, Socialist Party (PDS) and various environmental associations could officially be declared for Brandenburg failed on March 3rd, 1998.

Goal of the GFM is the optimization of the conventional rail/wheel system with speeds up to 200 km/h , e.g. by intelligent telematics systems; for higher speed areas the magnetic leviatation technology shall be Europe-wide used. The formerly planned Transrapid link in Munich can also become component of this net by it's prolongation. The GFM creates studies for scientific purposes.

The GFM also supports maglev systems basing of levitation based on superconducting materials above permant magnets like the SupraTrans at Dresden.

II. Members of the executive board (since April, 27th 2015):

Dr. Wulf Rumpel: P r o v i s i o n a l   C h a i r m a n

E-Mail: rumpel "at"

Michael Dittmer: A s s i s t a n t   C h a i r m a n

E-Mail: dittmer "at"

Harald Naglatzki: C l e r k

E-Mail: naglatzki "at"

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