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Presentation of 3D video "A roundtrip with the Transrapid TR09 maglev" (Photo: Dittmer)

This page lists a selection of 3D photos about magnetic levitation technologies.

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The photos were edited by the program StereoPhoto Maker from Masuji Suto. The following slide shows are available:

TVE Lathen:
Pictures from Transrapid TR09 and Transrapid Test Facility Emsland at Lathen, Germany
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MAGLEV 2011:
Impressions from 21th international MAGLEV Conference at Daejeon (South Korea), October 10th - 13th, 2011 and Ride with Rotem Urban Maglev
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SupraTrans II:
Pictures from SupraTrans II Test Facility at Dresden
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A roundtrip with the Transrapid TR09 maglev
(2011, 1280x720, 6:00 minutes) Transrapid3D_LR.720p.xvid.avi (247 MB, Profile @ Level XviD HD 720 3D side-by-side)
A Video against forgetting. Impressions from operation of Transrapid TR09 on Transrapid Test Facility Emsland (Northern Germany) with scenes of a rounttrip with the Transrapid. Historical comments from Detlev J. Schubsky (1953-2006) who was able to explain maglev technology and political context in short and concise sentences. The fate did not allow him to see the TR09 in action.

Go Green! Go Maglev!
(2011, 1280x720, 6:30 minutes) Go_Green_Go_Maglev_LR.720p.xvid.avi (382 MB, Profile @ Level XviD HD 720 3D side-by-side).
Musical impressions from the MAGLEV 2011 and Ride with Rotem Urban Maglev.

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